Sunday, August 06, 2006


I surprised myself by actually liking tapas, although the quality of the restaurant has a great deal to do with that. Obviously, bits of tentacle and things in shells are never going to be favourites of mine, but on the whole I quite like the concept.


You can't go twenty feet before finding some poncey bar that serves "tapas". It's apparently the in thing. But: (a) although I like some good Spanish-style cookerery, I might like a change now and then, so the opportunity to have something that's not tapas would be nice. (b) a third of a sausage and a dribble of tomato sauce in a tiny dish is not tapas. Especially at six quid for one of those tiny dishes.



  1. I know what you mean! Surely you must have had a more generous portion than "The Spice Island's" meagre portions??

  2. Hey Kelvin,

    This is completely unrelated to Tapas, but you should give me a contact number for you.

    And you should, y'know, start contributing to Brad again.

    I neeeed you. You're my only fan!

    Well, maybe not, but I still need you.

    - Skimble