Friday, October 10, 2008

Too Slow

For a good few months now, I've been chucking around the idea of a post-zombie-apocalypse sitcom. Not in any serious way, since I'm not a writer and am unlikely to ever be one, but I've mentioned it to a few people. I mean, "zombie apocalypse" is a situation, after all, and I've long held that you can find something to laugh about, no matter how grim the situation. And the genre standard of the house occupied by six or so survivors drawn from various backgrounds tallies up nicely with the usual sitcom small cast/one set structure.

Like all my best ideas, it's just been done by someone else.



  1. I've toyed with a similar idea myself - not zombies though, more general post-apoc. I like to kid myself Brooker hasn't stopped that ever become a reality.

    (Yeah, right.)

  2. As if to prove that there's truly nothing new under the sun, there's a story called House of the Dead in Accent UK's Zombies anthology (which you've all read, right...?) by Beano creator Laura Howell, which features a zombie siege of the Big Brother house. I don't know whether she's aware of the upcoming Brooker sit-com, but she'll likely be pissed off when she is.

  3. You know, that makes me feel better about it. Since I'll never be a TV writer, maybe I'll do the zombie sitcom as a comic, as a "proof of concept" thing.