Saturday, May 02, 2015

'Allo 'Allo

It is April 1941. The world is at war. In the United Kingdom, the Special Operations Executive plans an operation to make contact with partisans in Vichy France and build a resistance network to fight against the Germans. A few weeks before the operation is due to begin, new orders arrive; no one knows from where the orders came, and attempts to trace them to their source stumble into a tangle of bureaucracy, but they seem legitimate. The new orders specify that the group already attached to the mission is to be replaced by a new team of agents:

Fergus O'Brien, a former Gardai detective from Cork and current espionage specialist, blackmailed into working for the SOE.

"Kirby Tinkerton", a multidisciplinary English scientist who somehow found his way into the diplomatic service with the outbreak of hostilities, and is driven by a desire to learn blasphemous secrets.

Mike McVeigh, from Newry, near the border of the two Irelands. A spy before the war, and commando during the conflict, McVeigh feels a duty to defend the realm from threats both mundane and supernatural.

Pierre-Yves Bertrand, a pilot and radio operator from Toulouse, who desires nothing more than freeing his beloved France from the Nazi menace.

Tidelina Swiftraider, an Australian solicitor who travelled across the world to join the European conflict as a guerilla fighter.

In about a week this motley band will parachute into Vichy France. Will their mission succeed? Will they be gunned down by Nazis? Will they be gunned down by each other? We will find out soon enough.


  1. Can't wait to get started!

  2. Tidelina needs a damn surname! I'll get on the case...

  3. And that Jack London character looks supremely dodgy!