Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Goggle Box

I've been looking through the upcoming television season here in the States, to see if there's anything worth watching, and specifically, anything worth watching that we can get in on the old rabbit ears. Here are some highlights:

Gunther (NBC)
You know him as Friends' mild-mannered coffee shop server, but now he's going solo! Join Gunther (James Michael Tyler) as he travels to California to start his new life as a crime scene investigator in this spin-off from the classic sitcom Friends.

CSI: Law & Order (CBS)
See how things are done in one of New York's toughest crime scene investigation units.

Law & Order: CSI (NBC)
See how things are done in one of New York's toughest crime scene investigation units.

American President (FOX)
Join host Ryan Seacrest and judges Simon Cowell, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney as they pick the next Commander-in-Chief from hundreds of hopeful industrialists from all over the South. Sponsored by Haliburton.

The Vicar Of Dibley (NBC)
In the fine tradition of Coupling and The Office: An American Workplace, this faithful update of the British classic stars Matthew Perry (Friends) as John Vicar, a New York crime scene investigator who quits his job to become a lawyer/doctor in Dibley, Wisconsin. As his big city values clash with small town tradition, hilarity ensues.

American Countdown (ABC)
From the people that brought you Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Dog Eat Dog and The Weakest Link comes the latest smash hit game show from the UK. Join Jessica Simpson and America's smartest wordsmiths as contestants jumble letters and numbers in an attempt to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Survivor: Abu Ghraib (CBS)
Sixteen people from all walks of life undergo electrocution, beatings, mutilation and humiliation at the hands of America's finest experts on "abuse", all for a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Evertree Hill Creek (WB)
Dysfunctional New York teen Joey Blaine finds out about a brother he never knew he had, and travels to Evertree Hill Creek, Wisconsin where he learns a number of lessons in life and love. Also starring Greg Evigan as Joey's estranged father, crime scene investigator John Blaine.

Extreme Makeover: Nation Edition (ABC)
Join Ty Pennington and the US military as each week they drop in on an unsuspecting nation and give it a makeover fit for the 21st Century! In the first show, Kim Jong II is surprised at home in North Korea by the team!

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