Saturday, August 21, 2004

It's Not The Winning...

I don't like the medals table. It's very existence implies that it's possible to "win" the Olympics as a whole, which is surely missing the point of the entire exercise.
It's strange watching the games in a different country, with different regional biases, but even so, I have to say that the NBC coverage is terrible. I'm told that it's better than last time, because at least they're showing events that have no American entrants, but that just makes me very glad indeed that I missed it last time. NBC's coverage is a good indicator for my British readers of what ITV's Olympic coverage would be like...
(Except my British readers can't watch NBC, so it's not such a good indicator after all...)

There was a letter in the newspaper today claiming that the reason that the world (especially Europe) hates America right now is because everyone else is jealous of America's unique political achievements. I can't speak for the rest of Europe, but since the position of British head of state is an unelected and hereditary one held by an inbred individual, why would we jealous of America doing the same thing?

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