Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sunny day, everything's not okay...

Monster, monster, monster!
So, not only have they made Cookie Monster go cold turkey because they think it's him that's making the little Yanklings fat, rather than the omnipresence of MuckDonald's, but I found out yesterday that the cascist funts that now run Sesame Street have gotten rid of that bit where the Count von Count (the Street's finest resident, bar none) would laugh maniacally as thunder rumbled and lightning flashed behind him, because it might frighten children.

Never mind that he's been doing it for thirty years without any significant negative impact on the world's youth.



  1. Sure, but thirty years ago, times were different. You have to take into acount the ways our parental, social, and educational values and systems have changed.

    Thirty years ago, purple vampires weren't patrolling America's streets, causing electrical storms and laughing. Now? Thanks to Bush, Columbine, 9/11, the Matrix, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City... who knows?

  2. i know you revel in moral outrage, but you should stick to happy thoughts on your birthday, mr. k

  3. Yeah, this pretty much sums up why I'm not as disappointed as I should be that my kids don't watch Sesame Street.

    Thunder and lightning? Horrors! That's certainly more frightening than a freakin' vampire, a trash monster, a Snuffleupagus, or puppets that have freakishly large eyes!