Thursday, February 23, 2006

Batman #650

Okay, so hands up who expected the story to end like that? What the heck was all that about?



  1. For those of us that don't read Batman, how'd it end?

  2. The Joker blows himself and Batman up, and then...

    ...well, I'm really not sure what happened. The last page is of Batman falling through a psychadelic void, screaming "Jason!" while a bunch of other, different, Batmen do the same beind him. I think they might be publishing the Infinite Crisis stuff in the wrong order...

  3. Sounds identical to the last pages in Hawkman, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman that I've seen.


    Though none of them were yelling, "Jason!"

  4. Yeah, pretty much every DC book (except Batgirl) has had a last page like that one.

    I figure it would make more sense if they managed to get Infinite Crisis out on time. You'd think, with it being such a big deal and all, they could manage that, wouldn't you?

    And what are the odds bruce Wayne and the Joker stay "blowed up"?

  5. Yeah, it's obviously a mutliverse thing, the only problem being that it hasn't actually yet happened in the book it's supposed to be happening in. We're seeing the effects before the cause, which is hilariously incompetent.

  6. Whenever I see one of those "multiverse last pages", I just flashback to the multiple Hawkman sequence during Zero Hour.

    So they're not just cannibalizing CoIE, but lesser events as well.

    First one to find a Millenium or War of the Gods homage wins a cookie.

  7. Yeah, it was quite weird. I guess other writers will pick up the Red Hood story after the Batman Annual.