Thursday, May 18, 2006

Update the Second (or, I forgot how big seagulls were)

Begorrah! 400th post!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Things have advanced somewhat. I've finally had a stroke of luck, and we have a flat to move into on the 1st of June. It's a nice place in a lovely area, and it's even got a bit of a sea view (if you tilt your head, and quint a bit...). Of course, this good karma is being repaid with a string of arsey rejection notices from each and every chuffing job I've applied for so far, but such is life.


  1. Hey, you're not dead! Fantastic.

  2. Such is life indeed. Nice to see such profound philosophical statments from the philosophy graduate. :D

    Good luck on the job front Fella. There's always Toys r Us! ;)

  3. Hey man, hang in there! Good to hear from you, in any case.

  4. Hey, it's good to hear you're alive and well! I'm in a similar boat at the moment still looking around for something that I can bear to do. Just keep telling yourself that something'll turn up!