Monday, October 16, 2006

Whatever Happened to Evil Thor?

At the beginning of Ultimates 2 #11, we see an ersatz (presumably Russian) Thor take down Air Force One and scare the pants off George Bush. He then disappears for the rest of the issue, and makes no appearance at all in Ultimates 2 #12. Where did he go? #13 will apparently revolve around a fight between the real Thor and his brother Loki, and while I wouldn't be surprised to see Evil Thor pop up to aid Loki, it wouldn't explain where he was during #12...


  1. He hadn't made it back from his guest appearance in Civil War #4.

    Once Reed and Tony have finished clearing his mind of all memory of the Marvel Universe, he'll be all set to go back to the Ultimateverse.

  2. I figured Wanda's probability whammy made his weapons disappear and somebody glocked him off-panel once he was sufficiently powerless.

    Or Tony vaporized him with Iron Man Six and we just didn't notice.

    I'm still wondering where the Hell Hawkeye found a bow on Pennsylvania Avenue, myself.