Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Since no one has taken up my excellent suggestion of a Daredevil TV series (think about it, you can do superheroics and case of the week courtroom stuff and soap opera love triangle plotline-type things), I suppose there's no reason at all for me to point out that should someone want to do another Nick Fury movie, then Bruce Campbell would be a perfect choice for the lead role.


  1. affleck has killed DD for the screen!

    just think, with the success of sin city and 300 - a little while longer and we could've had miller's DD on the big screen. oh my!

  2. Campbell? Surely no match for the Hoff!

  3. The Hoff's version was terrible, but I quite liked him in it, strangely enough. He didn't do a bad job of it, all told, but I reckon Campbell would do an even better job.

  4. Campbell is everyones choice, for every role, ever.

    I'd rather see Samuel L. Jackson do an Ultimate Nick Fury though. And I still say Campbell is better suited to being Lobster Johnson.

  5. Ooh, Campbell as Lobster Johnson, good call.
    Think DD would make a great TV show, specially a HBO type one.
    The director's cut of DD was an improvement, faint praise I know.

  6. Oi! Green! Seen '300' yet...?