Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Remake I'd Like To See

It's one of my favourite films, but One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing has its problems, most notably the dreadful portrayal of the Chinese characters (ie, they're British actors with dodgy make-up and comedy accents), and a finale which is trying to be a kung fu sequence, but is foiled by producers that don't know how to film martial arts. So let's remake it, tone down the ethnic stereotyping, and up the kung fu action. Get Maggie Smith in to play Hettie, the lead nanny, Pierce Brosnan to play Lord Southmere (if you've seen the original, you'll know why it works to cast a Bond in the role), Chow Yun Fat as Hnup Wan (I think he's got vast reserves of untapped comedy potential), and Tom Baker in a cameo as the blustery Colonel (again, if you've seen the original, you'll know why). Off the top of my head, I reckon Robert Rodriguez or Edgar Wright would be good choices to direct.

Right, who do I write to to get this done?


  1. Consider it logged as a future project ;-)

  2. That is such an awesome idea...