Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Who Clues (pt 8 & 9)

No clues last week, although the Confidential had incoming showrunner Steven Moffatt talking about other stories in which the Doctor meets people he hasn't met yet, in particular the Elizabeth I moment from "The Shakespeare Code", which suggests that we might be seeing that implied story at sometime. Still, the library two-parter was a great bit of storytelling, and the series is in safe hands with Moffatt.

A surprisingly good story this week too. Very tense, with some interesting things to say about humanity and the Doctor's faith in the race, quite spooky in parts, and a nice contrast with what looks like some epic storytelling coming up. We also got another cameo by Rose, another mention of a lost planetoid, and another mention of the mysterious "Medusa Cascade".

The upcoming story, probably another multi-part finale, looks to be quite epic, and I hope Russell T Davies is up to the challenge. I'm still not looking forward to bloody Davros though.


  1. Jeez, what's Davros ever done to you?

    I thought this week's was the best thing RTD has ever written. Still not as good as Moffat's last two-parter though.

  2. I agree. RTD is no Moffatt, but this was a great episode, and yes, probably his best so far (although I'm fond of "Gridlock" from last year too).

    As for Davros, I grew up watching Who in the 80's, when they overused Davros to the point of silliness (and besides, I'm not sure the Doctor needs two Moriarties). I hope they've got something interesting in store for the character this time around.

  3. I thought Gridlock was terrible---dull and with slightly dodgy morals when you think about shagging cats. This week's ep was good (although being RTD, another gay ref, the second this season that I recall--don't tell me there's no gay promotion in this, SFX, there aren't this many refs in other kid friendly shows!)((Not that I'm anti-gay, but the refs are gratuitous)).

    The library 2-parter was excellent, as strong as some US stuff. I'm looking forward to Davros and the Daleks, I'd watch a weekly Dalek show, me..maybe with Abslom Daak in it...

  4. Apparently RTD is the comics fan, so if we were going to see Daak, we would have by now, probably.

    I don't know about the "as strong as some US stuff" really. Who is routinely better than most US sf, imho, and certainly in terms of writing. The worst of the episodes are still better than most US shows, and the best are miles ahead; even Buffy hasn't done anything as strong as Moffatt's "Blink".

  5. I'd have to disagree to the point of exploding...

  6. Wading in to waters I'm only mildly qualified to paddle in:

    I agree that Moffat is a good move and should see a little less of the camp crying dalek shite and a bit more of the dark side of the doctor as seen in Midnight.

    As for the finale, I'm not sure I mind what they do with it TBH, provided they maintain the pace that they've built up over this season - last season's finale was painful in places (see campness above) and could have been condensed into a single episode, packed up on the iPlayer and fired into the sun for all I care!

    Stronger than US stuff? The writing in this season has been great and the pace is there. But I'd say BSG has found its feet again of late and is definitely a contender for the Who crown.

    Buffy? Well I recently rewatched blink and can say that Hush (obvious parallels aside) is on a par.

  7. Blink was good but the World War I 2-parter was even stronger: creepy, good actor as the prefect villain (and he could have so crap, like most British actors trying to be sinister)and a really touching ending.

    I think Abslom Daak is owned by Marvel or some tiny company so probably couldn't appear in the TV show...but as the Daleks themselves are licensed, I bet they could if they wanted to but basically the Punisher in space probably isn't the best idea for family viewing...