Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Who Clues (pt nothing)

Obviously, no Who this week, but rumours about the upcoming specials and fifth series are already beginning to circulate. This Christmas sees David Morrissey appearing as "The Doctor" alongside Tennant as The Doctor, a situation which reminded me of the audio story The One Doctor, in which a conman poses as the Time Lord, setting up alien invasions which he then repels... for a tidy fee. The new series hasn't been shy about going back to the audio and written adventures for inspiration, so it's no surprise that the more recent rumours suggest that the Chrimble story will turn out to be an adaptation of The One Doctor.

Much more unexpected is the suggestion that Sophie Aldred will be returning as proto-Rose companion Ace, and that Paul McGann might be making another appearance as the 8th Doctor! I'm not sure about that last one, as I'd imagine that there are some rights issues with bringing back anything from the Fox TV movie, but it would certainly be welcome, as McGann was a good Doctor in a terrible episode, and he deserves another chance. Oh, and Neil Gaiman has apparently been meeting with Series Five writer Stephen Moffat...


  1. Grumble... Gaiman... grumble...

    "Exterminate - the - Doctor!"

    "No! We - cannot - exterminate! It - is - all - a - story."

    "Life - is - a - story?"

    "Affirmative. Look - there's - a - faun - dressed - as - a - goth."



  2. Yeah, but Rol, you like Bendis...

  3. I entirely understand both of you having these prejudices.

    But you are, of course, both utterly wrong...

    Bendis is an utter corporate whore now, but I can still go back to my Jinx and Alias and Goldfish, and love them very much...

    And Gaiman drifts back to his recurring themes perhaps more then he should, but I have to say, I've been nicely surprised by the last couple of his novels that I read.

    More then anything, I'm intrigued to see how much final fanboy wank RTD can squeeze out of his remaining time with the Doctor... I can easily believe that given the chance, he's find a way to bring Ace and McGann back - I can live without the former, but I totally agree with you on the latter, Kelvin!

  4. I've read that Tom Baker has also been confirmed as appearing although he hasn't been announced as returning as the Doctor...would be hard to disguise his age now. A Two Doctors meeting would be a perfect starting plot for a special though..

    As for companions, I always liked Tegan, mainly for the short leather skirts she sported...

  5. Ace! if you are building my hopes up, then she fails to appear I'm sending the boys round. Or Rol and Nigel. I've been crushing on Sophie Aldred since Bitsa.

  6. I did see a mention that Morrissey's Doctor might be a younger 1st Doctor. I reckon that'd be great but unlikely to happen. I wouldn't like to see Soph back. Time has not been kind.

    Nige, it'd be very hard to disguise Tom's big belly too. It almost deserves equal billing. :D