Friday, September 05, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Work has been insanely busy of late, what with it being the time when we're enrolling all the new hairdressers and mechanics for the year. It's been a lot of long days, so I've not had much else to be getting on with. Nonetheless, I've got some showing off to do.

There's another "Green Day" (argh) article up here, this time on the Young Avengers, Marvel's best idea in ages (not including nextwave, obviously), and one which has been characteristically squandered. I think I might do Rocket Raccoon next.

And I also did an interview with Andy Winter and Mick Trimble for their short graphic novel Septic Isle, a nifty spy thriller which is out in November.

Also, real online Scrabble isn't anywhere as good as Scrabulous was, despite all the bells and whistles, and that new Google browser is a bit naff.


  1. Ha! I've been reading only geekgasm and dribbling odes to Chrome so far - trust K to bring the dis!

  2. Well it's okay, but I'm struggling to figure out what it does that Firefox 3 doesn't. It also seems to have problems rendering images, which is a bit odd.

  3. You obviously haven't read the geek-friendly comic strip that tells you exactly what it does the FF doesn't. (Something about only allowing 1 page to crash at a time and not crash the whole browser or something.)

  4. Well, that's one of the things that worries me. It does seem very resource-intensive.

    Also, there's something bizarre about releasing an open-source browser only on Vista and XP...