Sunday, March 07, 2010

Love Your Auntie

The BBC has been under fire of late, with the most recent example being the planned cutbacks to their internet services, along with the axing of Asian Network and 6 Music.

It's easy to moan about the BBC, about the licence fee, or about how output seems to be getting cheaper and more superficial, but I think we take the Beeb for granted. Spend some time in the US, for example, and you'll find you miss the public service output of the BBC. You'll miss the approach to news. And yes, you'll miss the lack of adverts, but what you'll also notice is the lack of corporate interference, and the subsequent honesty, in programming.

It's not perfect. There's a lot of shite on the BBC, but it's mainly the light entertainment stuff, and light entertainment is always rubbish. But then I watch things like last night's brilliant, intelligent and honest Wonders of the Solar System, and I become deathly afraid of what the predatory Rupert Murdoch, and his puppets in the incoming Tory government, have planned for this great, and it is great, institution.


  1. Hear hear! I don't watch a huge amount of TV, but what I do tends to be BBC, and I consider my licence fee well-spent.