Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Look, I'm no supporter of Gordon Brown, but if someone's whinging about "students" and "immigrants" ruining Britain, then guess what? Perhaps that person is indeed a bigot. That's not to excuse Brown, but let's not all act like he went mental and started insulting her for no reason.


  1. I've been wondering why no-one has pointed that out yet. The only sensible thing I've read about the entire episode is when someone in the Grauniad wrote that what Brown should have done is politely correct her to her face. Say something about how Poles (she complained about Eastern Europeans "flooding" the country) have come here for valid economic reasons under the auspices of a treaty with the EU, and that they make an important contribution to our society. And we kind of owe them for failing to do more to protect them in WW2.

    That would have been a much better way to handle the incident. But Brown's not that quick on his feet in social situations like that. Essentially the issue isn't that he was factually incorrect, but that he displayed poor social skills.

  2. oh my... I'm a Pole immigrant student...

    I'm the worst of them all!