Monday, February 16, 2004

That Was The Week(end) That Was

Well, the weekend was a to We'd had a good week, after the previous week was ruined by some dismal behaviour among our circle of friends. I even got a fair amount of drawing done, and am feeling enthused and energised as far as my art goes.
For Valentine's Day, Meg and I "celebrated" in a very low-key way. There were cards given and flowers delivered, the latter of which provided an unexpected, yet accurate, comment on the state of the US economy (don't ask. Or do, I care not.). There was lounging about, eating, and videos. It was all good.
Yesterday, we got up and faffed about for a while, then we went into St Paul to see Neil Gaiman doing an interview about his book Coraline. It turned out to a recording for a programme you can hear here (I think). It's the first time I've been to a recording of anything, and I found the whole thing to be a bit surreal, as the audience was there in a sort of dual capacity, both to enjoy themselves and to provide applause and laughter and so on for the recording. I'd also never been to a "writer in conversation" event before, and it was quite interesting, although Gaiman tended to repeat a lot of information he's given in other recent interviews. I suppose, though, that that's largely due to the familiar questions more than unoriginality on his part. He was a witty and erudite interviewee, and Meg surprised me afterwards by claiming that he reminded her of me. Not sure how to take that really.

Not much else to report right now, it would seem. I just thought it would be a good idea to get something up about the weekend. Oh, I've seen O Brother, Where Art Thou? twice in the past week, and I'm beginning to think that it might be my favourite Coen Brothers film, outstripping my previous favourite, Raising Arizona. It even has a blatant, yet easily missed Evil Dead reference, and you can't go far wrong with that.

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