Friday, February 27, 2004

Where Did You Go, My Lovely?

Best laid plans and all that. I've been holding off making a blog entry for the past few days because 1 I've not been doing anything particularly interesting, and 2 I've got some comic pages due up at Spooky's Dungeon soon, and I was waiting to make a blog entry until they were up. They were due up on Tuesday, and aren't up yet.
So I've been drawing, and I'm halfway through the first of the Gormenghast books, and I added a couple of extra issues' worth of comic reviews to my Avengers guide, but apart from that, there's little to report. I did toy with a "David Blunkett is a Nazi" post a couple of days ago, but it looks like the Blind Bastard isn't going to get anywhere with his "we don't like foreigners" legislation, which is a good sign.
There should be a new issue of Chuck Austen's Avengers at my comic shop tomorrow, so look out for what will undoubtedly be an overwhelmingly positive review of that at some point this weekend.
Finally, there's a special prize for anyone who can identify the group who sang "Where Did You Go, My Lovely?" back in the mid-nineties. Google was of absolutely no help...

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