Monday, October 18, 2004

For Some Reason, The Shit Won't Stick

George Bush cheated to get into office. After getting in, he almost started World War III twice, and allowed the worst terrorist attack in US history to occur so that he could use it as an excuse to start two illegal and immoral wars (with more on the way, true believers!). He crippled the economy, education, and healthcare, and through his Patriot Act, made a mockery of America as the "land of the free."

He cheated (again) in the presidential debates, and somehow still managed to lose to John Kerry. This doesn't exactly help to dispel the popular idea that he's just an idiotic puppet for Cheney and his corporate allies.

And yet, Bush is still ahead in the polls, with two weeks to go until election day. Not far ahead, admittedly, but he shouldn't be ahead at all. He should be in a jail cell. For the next forty or so years. Instead, he's on course to be president for another four years.

And Americans wonder why they have a reputation for stupidity. It seems to be because around 48% of them actually are...

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