Monday, February 07, 2005

Does Alan Partridge Work At Fox Sports?

By recording the Superbowl, I've managed to avoid watching the actual "game", and still get to see the movie trailers they like to stick randomly in there. Sorted.
Nonetheless, we managed to catch a bit of the broadcast while flipping the channels. It was a montage of images and film clips of various players from the opposing teams, being all tough and manly and whatnot. They obviously wanted to emphasise the sense of conflict between the teams, elevating it into something more akin to an epic battle between mighty warriors than a sporting event involving overpaid fat blokes. What better way to do this but to play some classic bit of masculine tough-guy rock over the montaged images? And that classic bit of masculine tough-guy rock? The song that, more than any other, evokes images of tough sportsmen engaged in a rugged game of skill and strength?

Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2. Because it's "Superbowl Sunday" you see.

Oh dear.

As far as the trailers went, it was a pretty poor showing. Only two big-name movies, Batman Begins To Rebuild His Reputation and Spielberg's "re-imagining" of War Of The Worlds. Neither trailer was anything more than a teaser, although Spielberg's two-second snippet of unfinished footage looked the best of the two.

The most bizarre event of the evening must have been the advert for official England rugby team credit cards. During the Superbowl. Right...

Currently listening to: Astronaut Wife. They have an almost Dubstar-ey thing going on, except they're a bit less melancholy, which may be because they're jolly Minnesotans rather than grumpy English folk.

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