Thursday, February 03, 2005


Last week, with a lack of computer access due to a busted monitor, and yet another stinking cold (I'm getting a lot of them this winter, for some reason), I managed to get three and a half pages of my O Men contribution pencilled and scripted. Since then, I've managed one page of pencils. It's only a five-pager, so there's just one page left to go, but then I've got to ink, letter and "colour" them too. It certainly doesn't help that I still haven't decided whether I'll letter the strip by hand or on the computer, and that I'm deathly afraid that I'll cock the whole thing up at the inking stage.
Meanwhile, my Brad story seems to have died, although I'm sure I'll dive straight back in once this O Men thing is out of the way. I've also got a good eight or nine reviews to do for Comics International before Friday. I clearly need to develop some self-discipline.
On the plus side, I've found a channel that shows daily Magnum, p.i. repeats, although that probably doesn't help a great deal.

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