Friday, October 21, 2005

Stalking in the Key of X

Did you see tonight's Night Stalker episode, "Burning Man"? No? Have you seen X-Files season three episode "Grotesque"? That'll do then, as it's the same bloody episode! Gah.

I mean, I know that the two shows are going to have similarities, but the plot was literally the same, and they lifted a whole chunk of X-script for one scene (alone in their office, the brooding male lead and the brainy/sexy female lead discuss whether science can explain everything; she says yes, he says no). Gah.


  1. well come back to the UK. The land of Eastenders and coranation street. :)

  2. Night Stalker was shitcanned, apparently, so you need not worry about it darkening your tv screen any further.
    I hope that provides some sense of cosmic retribution.