Friday, December 02, 2005

Avengers Assemble Again!

Because Dave sort-of-demanded it (time to full-screen your browser for full-on AvengerScope!):
She-HulkBeastCaptain AmericaCaptain Marvel/Photon/PulsarWaspSpider-ManThor

I did this once about a year ago too. As you can see, the roster has expanded, and Quasar's been retired for being naffer than I thought he was last year.

Images courtesy, again, of Micro Héros.


  1. I'd ditch the wasp and add iron man.

  2. Call me crazy, but I'd have Nova in my line up. As a matter of fact, I think I need to post something on my blog..

  3. The thing with Quasar is that I only really like him when I'm reading him. He got put in My Avengers last year because I'd just read Galactic Storm, and he was pretty nifty in that, but the only thing I've seen him in this year is Avengers Disassembled, so...

  4. Sorry, you said "Nova". Why the heck did I read that as "Quasar"?

    Yeah, Nova's pretty cool, and surely old and experienced enough to graduate from the New Warriors (although they do a good job of him in the most recent series).

  5. I'm glad you gave Quasar the boot; he's no damn good. He's like Green Lantern, only suckier.