Friday, December 02, 2005


Has anyone seen any reviews of Mario Smash Football in the British gaming magazines? Because if there's one game I'm going to buy a GameCube for...


  1. I've been struggling with whether or not to get a GameCube for quite a while now. The only gaming I really do these days is the occasional lager-fueled round of Tiger Woods 98, NFL Blitz or Crash Team Racing with a buddy. The 'Cube seems like the best console to buy for easy-to-learn multiplayer games, what with all the Mario titles (Golf, Cart, Party, etc). PLus, it's by far the cheapest console as well.

    Who knows, maybe I'll crack in the new year...

  2. I'm in America, so I haven't seen that commercial but there's a commercial for Mario Dance Dance Revolution that has me fiending to get a Gamecube.

    But I heard the next Nintendo system is supposed to be backwards compatible so I'm holding back.

  3. Mario Tennis on the N64 is one of my favouritest games ever, and well worth buying one of them machines for. Given that they seem to have applied the same thinking to footie with this one, I'm very keen to see what it's like.

    And no disrespect intended to my Yanqui friends, but I rather trust a British mag's opinion on this game more than an American's. Mostly because of familiarity with football.

    That Revolution controller looks a bit dicey, and I'm not so sure about the slantiness of the Revolution itself. SO I'm more likely to pick up a 'Cube and a bunch of controllers than splash out on a Revolution and go the backwards compatible route. Although all does rather depend on whether or not this stuff about Sony crippling the PS3 is true (and since the rumour came out the week of the X-Brick360's release, I doubt it).