Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Staggering Insanity of Fourteenth-Level Pathfinder

Round one. The flying red tentacled thing, the flying white dragon, and the giant berserker are the player-characters. The group hanging around in the doorway at the left hand side of the picture are their henchmen and followers. Everything else is a monster to be bashed.

The end of round one:

That's about six seconds of in-game time.


  1. I'm in a Pathfinder game as well, of 2+ years. Everyone is level 16-17. I think last session was 4 rounds of combat and not much else.

    That's not a complaint, though. We still ate a lot of pizza and talked about all sorts of hilarious things. Sometimes DnD is still good even when it isn't about DnD.

    1. Oh yes indeed. Pathfinder feels to me like a superhero game at times but that's still good fun; even these sessions of only fighting are a good laugh.


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