Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stop That Carrion

We did it. At long last we finished a campaign.

After almost two years the finale of Carrion Crown was a bit of an anti-climax as instead of the party fighting the big villain in a dramatic set piece battle atop his evil tower, my necromancer magic jarred him from a distance and had him fling himself over the edge.

Still, at least we got cake.

Pictured is our special celebratory Carrion Cake -- dark chocolate and strawberry with an icing sugar crowned skull motif -- and the victorious sort-of-heroes. From left to right: Tarion, the half-elf ranger/thief; Sir Erodel, the paladin/sorcerer/dragon; Norman, Nicodemus' butler and musketeer; Erodel's cleric henchman, not given a name because of church bureaucracy; Nicodemus Eldritch, monster hunter and necromancer; Veniticus, beefy cleric of Abadar; and 12939, Nicodemus' alchemical golem.

It would be sensible -- after staggering our way to the end of a long campaign -- to have a bit of a breather and play some shorter games, to cleanse the palate as it were.

It would appear that we're not sensible.


  1. Cake! What a brilliant way to end a campaign!

  2. The cake is a lie.

    (had to be said)

  3. limping over the finish line....but we got there in the end.

    lots of good things to think about before running any PF in the in - if I ever run/ am allowed to run an Adventure Path - that I really need to make sure themes, key npcs, and design flaws are ironed out from the start.... Certainly the new AP - the mythic one - is far better designed so far.... it seems Paizo are learning as they go.... but some of the encounter designs were so weak/ strange....esp for high level play.... Glad to pass the responsibility of running games to El Kel to give me time to chew things over and chill out! :)

  4. I must do cake next time. That is a fantastic idea!