Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trenchcoat Cyborg Murder

Some time ago there was a game called Syndicate. It was a sort-of-strategy game in which you controlled a squad of trenchcoat-clad cyborgs in an attempt to force your corporate rivals out of a number of futuristic cities. It played a bit like a more complex Cannon Fodder but with less comedy. Except when you sent your agents running around with flamethrowers. Or squeezed forty people into a car then blew it up with a laser.

There was a sequel that wasn't quite as good and in 2012 a remake, but because the video game industry is being invaded by the sorts of dull, unimaginative idiots who infest the film industry it was a first-person shooter Doom-clone, because there aren't enough of those yet. It makes one want to put a Persuadertron to one's head.

5 Lives Studios are producing a game called Satellite Reign. It's not a Doom-clone but it does look a bit familiar, in the best possible way.


  1. Looks pretty funky. I'm up for Satellite Reign. I'm funding the new Shadowrun Online project on Kickstarter which looks similar...

  2. played Syndicate back in the day. Good fun - but Cannon Fodder was waaaay better! ;)