Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Great Desktop Mascot War

Over at biLly's blog, you can see the opening salvoes of this one-upmanship in the field of desktop mascots/toys. Unfortunately, we don't have a digital camera (yet), so you'll have to take my word on this, but crowded around our laptop-turned-desktop are:

That chap there is Cleveland Skaggs, the protagonist of a cyberpunk graphic novel I'm co-creating with Liam. Click on the picture, or here, to see a larger version.
I did some minor updates to my Avengers pages (mostly some cover scans for the early issues), and page fourteen of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon comic is now up at Spooky's Dungeon.
The new seasons of Angel and Smallville start tonight. Both should be entertaining, with an "evil" Clark in the latter and Spike joining the cast of Angel. They're heavily promoting the Spike angle, knowing full well how popular the character is, and how dull and B-lister the Angel cast are (the strength of the show is the plots). I wonder how David Boreanaz feels about being upstaged on his own show? I almost feel sorry for the bloke.

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