Tuesday, October 07, 2003

"Oh My GOD!"

I slept for a grand total of three hours last night. I'm a little spaced out this morning, but strangely, not too tired.
Excellent news for fans of quality televisual entertainment: Magnum PI is set to appear on the big screen! Happy news indeed. Start growing your replica Thomas Magnum mustaches now!
Troubled by the responsibility of the One Ring? Want to get rid of It? Don't know the way? Well, courtesy of our good friends at Billyworld, here are the directions to the Cracks of Doom. You'll not need to pack a lot, as you'll most likely be killed, but apparently it's quite warm down there this time of year.
My plan for today is to get my head down and do some drawing. I have a lot of requests, not to mention scripts, to catch up with.

Looking at that little lot, it seems I'm more spaced out than I thought. Perhaps an hour or two in bed before I pick up the pencils...

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