Saturday, October 04, 2003

What the heck is HE doing in my comics?

Geoff Johns may be a wonderful writer of all things JSA and Flash, but his Avengers run has been diabolical. Inconsistent characterisation and disjointed plotting have been the defining characteristics of his run, as well as a bungled attempt at real-world relevance. I don't begrudge him trying, as the idea of a world-saving superteam now has to deal with the reality of stuff like the World Trade Centre attacks, something that should only have happened in comic books. But does Johns have to be so damn bad at it? I had to laugh when Iron Man berates the EU for wanting to dissolve the Maastricht Treaty, apparently thinking that all of Europe's "personal" freedoms would be dissolved with it. Geoff mate, it's not that kind of treaty. Quite why the first thing the EU, upon finding out that Europe's capital cities have vanished, wants to dissolve an agreement on a single currency and the steel trade, I don't know. Apparently Johns does, but then Johns seems to get his ideas from Fox News.
That was funny. When he portrayed the Russians as evil world dominators in a later issue, then spent most of the current "Red Zone" storyline chucking about loaded words like "terrorist" and "traitor" with apparently no knowledge of their meaning, it got offensive.
Then he has George-Bloody-Bush turn up at the end to give everyone a slap on the back for being such good Americans.
If you're under eighteen, do NOT click and drag the mouse pointer over the follwing:


Okay. Done now.

On a slightly related note, here's a Guardian interview with Michael Moore. Moore is a shameless and manipulative propagandist, but at least he's a good guy. Every American should be made to read his Stupid White Men, and a fair few Brits could do with having a look too. Just ignore the chapter about Israel and Northern Ireland.

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