Friday, May 06, 2005

Do not attempt. Again.

So there's this advert for some generic car in which it's being driven along some country road somewhere. It's not being driven particularly fast, and there are no obstacles in the way or flashy stunts being attempted.

And yet, there it is, at the bottom of the screen:

"Professional driver. Do not attempt."

Do not attempt what? To drive your car along a road? What would be the point of buying the sodding thing then?


Speaking of which, the election went pretty much as I'd expected, with Labour taking a pretty big hit over Iraq. I hope that this warning shot will wake Labour's leadership up a bit to just how much they're letting people down. Brown and Blair do seem to at least acknowledge the fact that some of their recent policies haven't been too popular, which is progress of a sort from Blair's creepy and arrogant attitude of the past year or so. Great fun was had following the events on US telly, too, especially the many and varied attempts made by the news programmes to explain some of the alien (to Americans) concepts involved. Three parties? How does that work then?

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