Saturday, May 14, 2005

To Badly Go...

Enterprise got an absolutely wonderful series finale tonight, a poignant episode that really got to the heart of what the show was about. Excellent stuff.

Except it wasn't the real season finale, because that was the episode they tacked on afterwards, which sidelined the regular cast in favour of guest appearances by some of the Next Generation cast members. It says volumes that the best bit of the entire episode was the Picard voiceover clipped from the Next Generation opening titles. Tsk.

I think that one of the reasons why Star Trek has the reputation it does is because for every absolutely stonking episode, you get three or four terrible stinkers. Conceptually, it's never been a bad idea (even the abysmal Voyager had a great premise), but the execution is so embarrassingly erratic.

So it's farewell to Enterprise, a programme that didn't start off too well, but delivered two quite strong final seasons that were among the best the franchise has ever produced.

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