Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hope all the other September Tenthers had a good day!

Well, on the whole that went well. We went out in the evening to spend my birthday money/vouchers, and I was struck with a bizarre guilt and ended up buying only one small, cheap, book. Hm...
While in Barnes and Noble, I encountered something quite impressive. Outside the shop, they have this sign that says "Listen to any CD in the world". I scoffed at this, but when we went to look at the music/video section of the shop, we found something fun that I've never seen before.
They have these listening posts, which look like any other, except they have a little touch-screen thing attached, and a barcode reader too. You can scan any CD in the shop, and it'll recognise it and play it through the headphones.
But this still isn't the thing they claim at the front door. The little screen thing has a keyboard, and a search function. Enter the group or song, or album, then search for it. The screen will bring up information on the title/group/song in question, and will again play it through your headphones. Wow.
As is the way of humans when faced with what appears to be an all-ecompassing system, I tried to find holes. It hadn't heard of Caution, but I wasn't too surprised. It had information on the Prodigy's Poison single, but had no actual music stored. That was the closest I got to fooling it.
This may not be as impressive to you as it was to me, but I'm easily impressed, me.

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