Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My good friend Tom has a blog! Go and check it out. Tom is an extraordinarily talented and funny bloke, who also happens to know everything about football. Everything. Years ago, we challeneged him by asking him the postal addresses of a number of international stadiums. He knew them all. Motson has nothing on this guy.
And of course, since he knows all there is to know about football, he knows that Brighton is the team to support! He also supports (as we all should), the superb Dangerous Darkies, and the peerless Border Security.
Tom also points out a lovely story from the BBC about the impending doom of the human race. I find it funny that the scientific community has instituted the Torino Scale to measure the intensity of the catastrophe. It has hilarious entries like "7 - Close encounter with extremely significant threat of global catastrophe" which sound more like the weather reports.
"This weekend, expect rain in more central and southern parts, and viewers in the west should be aware that there's a good chance of complete extinction of all life on earth. Good night!"

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