Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I don't like Silent Hill. I like the game fine, but I don't like the place. I don't want to be there/here anymore. Which, I suppose, is proof that the game is doing what it's supposed to do. Good stuff.

Here's an excellent psychoanalysis of Bush, which won't come as much of a surprise to those who don't think much of him anyway, but is nice to see. Unless he turns around one day and guns down his cabinet on live TV, you won't see something like this in a mainstream US newspaper. Although the NRA would probably support it.

Finally, here's a stonkingly good review of a recent Superman comic, which broadly touches on the same reasons why I detest Superman generally. It's not the character, but the way he's used. I really could write an essay on why Superman doesn't work. I may do so one day. After all, I have an empty "Writing" section at my website.

Finally, finally, I just found out that there was a Magnum PI/Quantum Leap crossover. Sam leaped into Magnum! They got as far as pre-production, and apparently got some Sam-as-Magnum filming got done too, but plans for a Magnum PI movie (which I also didn't know about, but which never got made) scuppered that idea. Wow. In an alternate universe somewhere, that crossover got made, and the alternate-K was very happy.

Original-K is quite happy today too, as the birthday presents are slowly beginning to arrive.

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