Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Casualties Of War

One of my favourite little graphics, as drawn by Kev, and probably © him too! Not used with permission, but I doubt he'd mind too much. I mean, any publicity is good publicity, right?So, it looks like the world of blogging is going to lose Kev. Actually, he changes his mind (and website) so often that it may not be the last blog we see from him, but for now it looks like he's going to spend 2004 concentrating on his art, which you can see here. I love Kev's art, although there's just a smidgeon of jealousy there, because he's better than me. I'm a decent artist, but I've yet to find my style, leading to a lot of scrappiness. My style remains elusive (although predictably, I can see it in my mind's eye, and it looks like John Romita Jr and Bruce Timm fell into Seth Brundle's teleporter), but Kev seems comfortable and confident with his. So while it's sad to see Kev leave the blogworld, at least he's doing it for a good, nay excellent, reason. I hope to see some great things from the pen of Kev, even if the quality of it will slowly erode my soul. For some reason, there's been a personal tension between me and Kev for a couple of years, and while neither of us have apologised for it (I suspect because neither of us knows what, if anything, we did), I do feel that Kev warmed to me, or at least thawed, over the past year or so. Even so, I don't think he's ever visited here so this won't reach him, but good luck to you anyway Kev!

On a related note, today (I write this at five a.m.) will probably consist of various artistic activities. Lots to do! As well as lots of drawing, I have handed in my first draft of the script to my contribution to ...something I can't mention yet, and am eagerly awaiting the okay to get cracking on the art. I really want to do something productive with what's left of my week. Colds always knock me for six, so I get very little done (but I'm much better now, thanks for asking), and this weekend, we're off to Wisconsin for a Bat Mitzvah. There's not much of my week left, and I don't want to waste it.
Growing up in a decidedly (but not actively) non-religous environment, religious events always both fascinate me (religion really interests me on a number of levels), and slightly terrify me. This one's no exception. My father-in-law's family are very Jewish, although my mother-in-law and her daughters are not. There was a big turn out at our wedding by this side of the family, so Meg really feels that we should make the effort to go to this. To be honest, if it were up to me, I probably wouldn't go, as the fear would overcome the fascination! Still, it's likely to be nothing more than a party, and there's nothing wrong with a party!
Thirsty and hungry now. Tea and Rice Crispies it is then.

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