Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dicing With Death & The Irony Of Chocolate Bars

One thing that I won't miss about the US is the constant fear of a violent and messy death. Coming from a country where the most dangerous things are semi-poisonous near-extinct snakes and the occasional shotgun-wielding farmer, this place strikes me as a death trap.
As a pedestrian, I don't fancy my chances of living long in the land where The Car Is King. Especially since the medical system is based on how much cash you have (as is the political system, funnily enough). Recently, they passed a law in Minnesota making it legal to carry a concealed firearm, which is of course the best way of defending yourself from Muslims, er, terrorists. Well, that's how they marketed the law, anyway.
And now Minnesota's genius Governor, Tim Pawlenty, is shamelessly exploiting the kidnapping (and probable death) of Dru Sjodin to try and get the death penalty reinstated.
This is a ridiculous country. I've got to get out.

I've just seen an advert for this as I was typing up this entry, and I still can't believe it...

British readers may be interested to know that Snickers have released a new high-energy, sporty, variant of the chewy chocolate/peanut/cement hybrid, called... Snickers Marathon.

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