Thursday, January 15, 2004

This Week I 'Ave Been Mostly Drawing A Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Future...Again

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More Oryx and Crake pictorials. I did these because Meg's sister Karen is doing a presentation on the book in school today, and she wanted some pictures to liven things up a bit. As apparently the only person in Minnesota who can use a pencil, I was recruited for the job. It's actually been quite fun doing the pictures (although reading the book was not-it's awful), and it was interesting to have an actual deadline to do the pictures by. I've got a number of projects in the works, but since none of them really have a deadline attached, I'm very bad at getting my head down and working on them. It was refreshing, and probably very good for me, to have that pressure this time around.
Saw Underworld today, and I was rather pleasantly surprised by it. It's really quite fun, and had more depth to it that I would have thought. Definitely recommended, and not just for Kate Beckinsale in PVC!

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