Sunday, July 13, 2003

Another terrible night. Still, I had a cool dream. Meg dislikes it when I have good dreams. I was some sort of viking-esque hero, late for a battle, as the enemy were besieging our castle. I got on my armour and weaponry, then went out for a scrap. The enemy were using some over-elaborate weapon (I have to draw this thing!) to fire arrows at our men, so I jumped out onto the battlefield and leaped onto the machine. I used the very arrows it fired to jam the machinery, then leaped to safety as it exploded. However, I ended up outside the castle walls, surrounded by enemies. An undead, skeletal, warrior was on one side of me, a couple of Norman-style blokes on another side, and then some bloke on horseback made up the deadly quartet. I dodged and weaved in between the enemy troops, slicing here and stabbing there, but I knew I was just holding them off. Then a griffon swept down from another part of the battlefield and mauled the horse and its rider. So the odds were evened, and I prepared to unleash bloody slaughter.

Then Meg woke me up.

The excellent Banzai makes its US TV debut tonight, albeit on fascist superstation Fox. I wonder what the Americans will make of it?

Um...Banzai, that is, not Fox. Unfortunately, the Americans seem to like Fox.

Yesterday, I tarted up the website a bit. There's little in the way of new content, but I've expanded the site to make room for the content when/if I add it.

Right, off to an Australian restaurant in St Paul, to have fish and chips. Then it's off to see a Johnny Depp film.

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