Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'm under some frankly bizarre orders that I don't really understand. They involve staying up far too late, and sleeping in far too long. This is all in preparation for my Visa interview on Thursday morning.
Anyway, it allows me to spend some quiet time online, without having to do anything, or go anywhere, and without the 'phone ringing and cutting the internet connection (not one of Meg's better ideas).
As such, I've been tinkering with the website. The Comics page is largely done; the only thing left to do is put some images together for the links. The Art page isn't done, but I think I'll reuse the HTML from the Comics page, so it shouldn't take long.
I've also added some bits and pieces to the main page. It's just a case of tarting up some links, and putting a couple of images in.

Finally for tonight, I'm going to see if this comments thing works. Stand by for action!

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