Thursday, July 17, 2003

Football, isn't it? Funny old game.
I'll be a Brighton fan until I die, but I've decided to enter into the spirit of things and pick a second team to support. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Minnesota Thunder Professional "Soccer" Team. They're not in the "world famous" MLS, but if that's the Premier League, they're in the First Division, or A-League as they call it over here. Alas, supporting a top-flight team evades me even here, in the Land That Football Forgot.
Actually, they're not too bad, as American teams go. They're at the top of the Central Divsion of the Western Conference, which puts them fifth in the national league. Why the Americans need such a confusing system, I don't know.
Also, if anyone can tell me what "Magic" means in terms of footie, I'd love to know, because "the Thunder" have 25 Magic points...

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