Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well, let's get started. I've spent most of the day knackered, expecting to fall into bed in that lovely warm half-asleep fashion, only to find, yet again, that I'm wide awake at, what? 2am.
Oh well, at least it gives me an opportunity to tidy up some loose ends. Like doing a proper first Blogger entry.
Well, a bunch of dvds from Columbia House arrived today, so the number of loose ends has grown. Added to this is the anal way I prioritise things, so I'm itching to read the first of Stephen King's Dark Tower books, but I want to watch my dvd of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly first, because it was a major influence on the book. But, the film is about three hours long and I can't watch it right now, nor can I ever find the time to watch it during the day!
And I'm the unemployed, housebound one...
[By the way, if you haven't got the Dark Tower books yourself yet (and intend to at some point-I'm not going to try to convert people here), resist the urge to get the hardback edition above. The trade paperback edition of the same book is lovely. It feels much better in the hand than its hardbacked cousin, and has the lovely design and pictures that the cheaper mass market paperback doesn't. I love the book and I haven't even read it yet! My mother-in-law would be so proud...]
Just for a laugh, I tracked this article down through Google. It's by one of my American housemates from my first year at university, Autumn Witt. I was pretty sure that Google would turn out a clue as to where she is now, but all I got were archived articles from her student newspaper. Still, at least I'm in this one, so my hubris is satisfied.

Can hubris be satisfied?

What else? The Guardian has done me proud yet again by publishing this article, which conveys and explains one of those really annoying aspects of America that is at the forefront right now. I just want to shake the entire nation by the shoulders and scream "CAN'T YOU SEE HOW STUPID YOU'RE BEING?", but this kind of talk will probably get me arrested as a potential terrorist. Sheesh. The only thing these people should be afraid of is the corrupt political system that's slowly killing them and the rest of the world.

Tomorrow, I shall overhaul the website. I'll put in some sections OTHER than the Avengers reviews I've been compiling, even though there's nothing to go in those sections. In fact, I have no idea what sections I'm going to include. Way to go, design boy. I should probably link to this Blog, so that I'm not the only person who reads it.

Sunday, we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean. A live action Disney that's good? Well, they did it before with One Of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, so let's see. Plus it has the superb Johnny Depp acting like some perverse Fast Show character (which is appropriate, as it's his favourite TV show), as well as the excellent Keira Knightley, who is ready to step out of the shadow of the (increasingly inferior)Natalie Portman. I'll work on Meg to see if she'll let me see The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen too, but I suspect I'll have to wait for that one.

Well, stone me. That's a fair bit of Blogging. Not as quirky or nice-looking as the Blogger of my good friend Liam, but he's very middle class, and I'm scum-of-the-earth-wouldn't trust-you-with-my-faeces working class, so that's to be expected. You come here, you get whatever falls out of my brain.

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