Thursday, July 17, 2003

God bless America.

Here's a funny thing we encountered while filling in the latest round of Visa forms. There's small print, like on those "tick here to receive news of special offers" bits you get on most things nowadays. The immigration people don't mention this anywhere, but in order to apply for permanent resident status, I have to sign up for possible military service! I'm not even a bloody citizen of this country, and yet I'm expected to fight for them.
It's basically The Draft, except they don't call it that anymore. Now, Meg points out that there's unlikely to be a Draft ever again, after the problems in Vietnam, and that there are enough people in the US military, through fair means or foul, to make a Draft unnecessary. But let's face it, if anyone's going to call for a Draft, it's going to be Bush.
I'm physically ineligible for military service anyway, and I would be an Conscientious Objector if it came up, but it's the principle of the thing. It's bad enough that you're forced to sign up if you're an American male, but I'm not even a citizen.
When did the human race get so obsessed with war?

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