Friday, July 18, 2003

Well, aren't we living in an airport spy novel today? You know, one of those ones with a title like "The Johannesburg Protocol", which was a "New York Times Bestseller", but you've never heard of it.

First, Sky News admits to faking at least one news report during the attacks on Iraq. This doesn't come as much of a surprise to Murdoch-haters like me, but it's nice to see it come to light.
(It also worries me that a Sky journalist said "This is not good news. There was a feeling here that Sky News have had a really good year; that we had a good war..." No such thing as a "good war", mate.)
However, this bit of news is rather overshadowed by the news of the suspicious death of the minister who was probably responsible for tipping off the British press that the Government had been dishonest with their dossier on Iraq.
Now, I don't think that there is a conspiracy going on (although I do concede that it's possible), but this stuff really doesn't help with the old trust issue.

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