Saturday, August 23, 2003

I can see an expensive bookshop visit in my future...
I've just finished the first Dark Tower book, by Stephen King, and I must say that I enjoyed it a great deal. It's just my sort of thing, and I felt that I knew what King was up to, understood what he was trying to do with the book.
This is all the more surprising for me as I've never been able to get into his generally more popular horror work, and was told by many people that the Dark Tower series wasn't something I could just jump into without having a firm experience of King's other books.
Good stuff indeed.

Meg's gone down to Rochester for the weekend, to help her mum babysit Meg's sister's son. This means I have the flat to myself all weekend, presumably to do something constructive with the space and time that I have.
I have lots of comics-type-things to be doing, plus I've got a great idea for a picture that I think I'll give as a gift to a friend...

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