Friday, August 01, 2003

Blimey, I say blimey!
After what seems like almost a year, Borderline has returned! Well, sort of. We're all very uncertain about the future of the magazine, but it looks to be continuing as a bimonthly/quarterly publication, with a slightly different format to before.
I've really enjoyed writing for Borderline these past two years, so I'm overjoyed to see it back. I think we had something great there, and it would have been a shame for it to disappear.

So, off you go, go and download Borderline! And if you can, make a donation!

Finally saw Daredevil last night. I was pleasantly surprised. Meg points out that although it's all very impressive on the surface, it lacks depth, apart from in the early father-son scenes. I would agree, but that surface is very impressive indeed. The fights and stunts were great, although I've seen better, and like the recent X2, this film was very clever with its use of superpowers. The acting was good, especially Colin Farrell, who didn't have a lot to do, but did it really well. I can't stand Jennifer Garner usually, finding her rather soulless as an actor. Here, she impressed me as Elektra, although she is probably wrong for the part.
Affleck was good, doing a role somewhere between his witty and serious acting personas. His scenes with Jon Favreau were great, although there weren't nearly enough of them. He even managed to pull off that costume, which I'm still not convinced by, even though it didn't strike me as absurd while the film was going on. I think the black "jogging" costume from Born Again would have been a better bet, although this costume was better than that creepy one from the Hulk movie.
They got the low-key feel right, and the relationships, and the characters, but on the whole, not enough was done with any of these elements. It's a good film, but I want more. The DVD extras hint at lots of extra scenes that didn't make the final cut, and I would have liked to see them.
Not bad at all.

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