Thursday, August 21, 2003

The scariest thing about the American government is not what it does, although that is certainly immoral and creeepy enough. No, the scariest thing is how the people either don't know the government's doing it, or they're powerless to do anything about it. This great democratic nation has been surreptitiously turned into a fascist dictatorship and no one did anything about it.
The Republicans in Texas want to rearrange the political boundaries of the state, so that they can get rid of some Democrats and send more Republicans to the Senate. The Democrats opposed this. As a result, they were put under arrest, but fled outside the state instead. Remember, this is America, land of the free, guardian of democracy. I guess the Republicans will want to start rounding up the Jews next. Read about it here.

And now, a formal apology. It would appear that Lapdance Island is a hoax, part of a TV comedy show where they set up new (stupid) TV shows to see who falls for it. So, British TV is still better than the crap they peddle over here! My jingoistic crusade can continue! Hurrah!
Of course, this new show depends on the idea that a real Lapdance Island could happen, which is still a disturbing thought. And we're also getting, like when TV Go Home became a TV show, into dangerous areas of post-modern irony, where it almost ridicules and invalidates itself.

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