Saturday, August 30, 2003

Brighton are fourth in the table, which isn't too bad, especially given that we lost our best player to Tottenham (and theye're not even using him properly...sheesh). Only five games into the season though, so let's not get too excited!
As for my other team, well they're doing pretty well. They're into the divisional playoffs, and are favourites to win. Surprising.
I still can't believe that the Americans have teams called the Rochester Ragin' (note the apostrophe) Rhinos, and the Syracuse Salty Dogs(who actually call it "football" and not "soccer"...blimey). I'm not sure a British team would get away with that kind of language.

I'm currently waiting on a lot of lovely items in the post. I won a couple of things on eBay, the first time I've ever used the service. I've also got a reprint of one of my favourite comics of all time on its way from the spectacular Regie Rigby, a mystery package from the piratical Cap'n Black, and a HUGE bundle of items from my wayward brother, including the a DVD of the excellent Battle Royale, which is stupidly unavailable over here. I'm sure it'll all arrive over the next couple of weeks, which will make it a sort of added birthday gift, but it's annoying to rush to the postbox every day to find nothing but bills or junk, especially when I know things are coming. It's also strange to have to go to a postbox to get my mail, rather than have it pop through the front door. It's the little things, you know?

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