Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Excellent news! I finally got some drawing done yesterday, and managed to do a whole page of comic for Spooky. Just the lettering left to do.
Lots of links today. First, the fun ones. Did you all go and sign up on the site I mentioned yesterday? No? Off you go then. The Dominion of Kolonel K outlawed private corporate donations to political parties yesterday, and today made voting in elections compulsory.
Here's a piece about the National Eisteddfod and the Welsh language. I used to speak fluent Welsh, and I've forgotten the lot, which frustrates me. The cliches about spitting aside, I think it's a beautiful language, that sounds wonderfully ancient. Given that Tolkien based one of his Elvish languages on it (I can't remember which one-the other is based on Finnish), I think I'm in good company.
Here's a bit about the British being popular on the continent. Perhaps the Speaking Loudly And Clearly So They Understand tactic is finally paying off for our many cultural ambassadors? Actually, it's to do with the Euro, and as such the article tails off into dull economics towards the end. Shame that.

Finally, today is the day, in 1945, that America used nuclear weapons against Japan. People keep claiming that September 11th was the worst terrorist attack in history. I'm inclined to think this was.

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