Saturday, August 28, 2004

You Command Me To What?

Stolen shamelessly from the fine fellows at Areyougoingtoeatthat?:

Subliminal messages in comics?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Local Boy In The Photograph

Liam has just uploaded some pictures that he took during his recent visit to Blighty. Never one to be outdone by the likes of him, I've now uploaded some pictures from a trip I, several weeks ago. Not only are they weeks late, but they're also fairly low resolution, and are presented through a clunky interface I coded myself five minutes ago, but I'm in some of them, and therefore they're by default superior to Liam's efforts, which are unforgivably Kelvin-deficient.

There's a link in the menu to the right there, or you could just click here.

Operation: Galactic Storm

I almost forgot! Well, actually I did forget. Anyway. My somewhat pretentious review of Marvel's epic Operation: Galactic Storm Avengers storyline is online here. It's good to be writing again.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Oh No!

All hope, or at least all free time, is now lost. Lemmings Online is here! Now someone needs to get working on an online version of Worms.

Brainsplurge! is not responsible for time lost through, or marriages ruined by, excessive Lemmings Online play. You have been warned...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Non-Playable Demo

When did these things start to be called "trailers" instead of "non-playable demos"? I must be getting old...
Anyway, here's the "trailer" for the new Grand Theft Auto game, San Andreas. Have fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

It's Not The Winning...

I don't like the medals table. It's very existence implies that it's possible to "win" the Olympics as a whole, which is surely missing the point of the entire exercise.
It's strange watching the games in a different country, with different regional biases, but even so, I have to say that the NBC coverage is terrible. I'm told that it's better than last time, because at least they're showing events that have no American entrants, but that just makes me very glad indeed that I missed it last time. NBC's coverage is a good indicator for my British readers of what ITV's Olympic coverage would be like...
(Except my British readers can't watch NBC, so it's not such a good indicator after all...)

There was a letter in the newspaper today claiming that the reason that the world (especially Europe) hates America right now is because everyone else is jealous of America's unique political achievements. I can't speak for the rest of Europe, but since the position of British head of state is an unelected and hereditary one held by an inbred individual, why would we jealous of America doing the same thing?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

"But when Eric eats a banana..."

Sometimes an idea gets into my head, and gets stuck there unless I write it down or draw it or whatever. So here's a sketch of popular British superhero Bananaman in the style of comics superstar Jim Lee!
I never said they were good ideas...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Wow!

As good as the two Spider-Man movies were, how much better would the next movie be if they included aspects of this incarnation of the character?

[Right-click and Save As... to download, or just left-click to watch it in some cancerous addition to your browser. See if I bloody care.]

I Have A LiveJournal!
(In Which The Author Discusses The Weather)

Actually, no I don't. I just set up an account so that I could comment on friends' LiveJournals without skulking behind an Anonymous tag.
Would it be too much to ask to have these competing blogging systems/companies be compatible at least at the level of comments, so I wouldn't have to have done this?
Probably, eh?

I've been reading a lot on various blogs and so on about how oppressively hot is back in Blighty right now. Well, at least it hasn't suddenly dropped into sub-zero temperatures like it has here! Of course, this is an exaggeration, and it makes me wonder if I've become acclimatised to here. My American friends, despite coming from regions where it literally gets into sub-zero temperatures in winter, often complained about how "cold" Britain was. I wonder if I'd feel that too, after being here for a while? I hope not. It's only after living here through the extreme differences in the seasons that I appreciate how comfortably mild my home climate is.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

The first h2g2 teaser trailer is up here. It's only a teaser, so there's no footage to alleviate my fears over some of the casting, but the sense of humour's right. Go see it. Go on.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Bored Of The USA

Bruce Springsteen's in trouble for speaking out and daring to have a political opinion. He, REM, and others are touring the States, celebrating the good things about America, and questioning where those things have been for the past few years. Of course, this is deemed unacceptable and offensive, because how dare entertainers step beyond their boundaries and get into the serious world of politics?
For Pete's sake, this is Springsteen. I'm no fan of his, but you can't be surprised that he's doing this. Of course, the people complaining about how inappropriate this whole thing is are the same kind of people who criticised Kerry choosing Edwards as his running mate for being a "political" move...
Springsteen writes about what he's doing and why here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Too Big For Boots

Uckfield is the very definition of crap. It's not an unpleasant town, by any means, but it just has very little to recommend it. When the most exciting things to happen in the town's centuries-long history were a flood and a McDonald's opening (okay, and the Piltdown Man), you know that there's not much going on.
Except now our "lovely" little town has a radio station. If you know Uckfield at all, you know that this is a very strange thing indeed.

On a probably unrelated note, I see that the American music industry has decided to raid 90's British music for inspiration. I'm no Oasis fan (more of a Blur man myself), but even I found Ryan Adams' cover of "Wonderwall" to be execrable, and I hoped that it was just a one-off. Sadly not.
Again, I'm no big Robbie Williams supporter, but I can't help but feel offended by Jessica Simpson's rather vicious violation of "Angels".

What next? Nickleback attempting "Country House"? Maroon 5 ripping off Jamiroquai? (oh wait...)